Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are made up of psychological disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and lately developed compulsive overeating disorder. […]

Burning Pain (Neuropathy)

Burning-Neuropathic pain feels different to all other types of pain. It is often described as sharp, zonked, burning and electrocuting […]

Farsightedness (Presbyopia)

Presbyopia is farsightedness. The word persbyopia was first used in 1697 to define the opposite of myopia (nearsightedness) by Strum. […]

Varicose Veins

One of the most common worldwide problems is varicose veins or in other words expanded veins. Varicose veins are a […]

Vaginal Dryness

The Bartholin and skene glands in the entrance of the vagina discharge a clear and slippery liquid for the vagina. […]

Vaginal Discharge

The start of the teenage years in women usually does not consist of any diseases however discharge will occur. The […]

Near Sighted (Myopic)

Myopia is the inability to clearly see long distances. The inability of our eyes to see certain distances is known […]

Forgetfulness (Dementia)

Forgetfulness (dementia) is a disorder that starts with forgetfulness as a result of an illness affecting the brain cells and […]

Cold Sore

Cold sores usually reveal themselves in the mouth and on the lips by firstly itching then later on as bubbles […]


A step is the name given to the time that passes between the lifting of the foot and putting the […]

Thyroid Gland and Its Diseases

What are thyroid glands? Thyroid glands are the glands that are at the front of the neck, just under the […]

Voice Loss

Voice loss is the case where either all or some of your voice is lost. In such a case the […]

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