Anesthesia technicians are a very important part of the operating room teams

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Anesthesiologist Dr. Salih Hakan Nuraç made a statement about the 13th December Anesthesia Technicians Day and gave information about the scope of this important profession and the critical tasks undertaken by the experts. Nuraç stated that general anesthesia means transient loss of consciousness and reduced reflex activity without a change in vital functions.

Specialist Dr. Salih Hakan Nuraç stated that general anesthesia causes loss of consciousness and prevents patient’s awareness during surgery, eliminates the pain during the surgery by providing comfort to the patient and facilitates the surgical interventions by suppressing reflex activity and relaxing the muscles.

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Anesthesiologist Salih Hakan Nuraç, emphasized that the purpose of general anesthesia with these effects is to provide appropriate surgical conditions but it is also the anesthesia doctor’s duty to maintain the patient’s health and safety during the operation.

Dr. Nuraç stated that anesthesia is performed by doctors who have complete anesthesia and medical reanimation training. He reminded that anesthesia technicians, who were trained to assist anesthesiologists throughout the surgery are a very important part of this team.

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Anesthesiologist Salih Hakan Nuraç concluded his statement by adding the following: “Although anesthesia technicians who perform one of the most important professions in the health sector, even if they stay behind the scenes; they are the heroes of the operating rooms and the blue code team. These colleagues, who work in the most critical unit of inpatient treatment institutions which is the operating room and who have high occupational risks, may have to stay alone with the patient and make critical decisions to provide support to the anesthesiologist. The success of surgical treatment depends on the multidisciplinary approach and the anesthesia and surgical teams working in harmony and cooperation. Monitoring vital functions such as breathing and circulation, and immediate emergency interventions are performed under the control of anesthesia. I wish all my colleagues a happy 13th Anesthesia Technicians Day”.

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