Human Resources

At Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital We;

  • Know that we are part of a large group and act accordingly,
  • Believe in teamwork,
  • Act with a sense of responsibility in everything we do,
  • Aim to improve ourselves and our teammates,
  • Care about our patients and act sensitively,
  • See differences as an opportunity and adapt,
  • Manage solutions and focus on results.

Recruitment Process
The recruitment process starts with the collection of the applications submitted to the job postings opened after determining the required qualifications in line with the requests from the relevant departments.

First of all, from the applications that are screened by the Human Resources and the relevant department manager, those deemed suitable for the job description and qualifications sought are invited for an interview by the Human Resources Department.

Following the meetings with the Human Resources and Recruitment Committee, a proposal interview is conducted by the Human Resources department with the eligible candidates.

For your applications; insankaynakları

Training and Development
Eliminating the dependence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on other countries in the field of health, acting with the mission of contributing to the training of scientists who are well-equipped in the field of medicine and providing health services at international standards with its distinguished staff, in accordance with patient needs and expectations,Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital is aware of the importance of human resources in achieving this mission, provides its employees with an orientation to adapt to the hospital culture from the first day of their employment and gives trainings to progress in the evolving health sector and to increase their competencies in theoretical and applied practice for professional, technical and personal development.

Wage Policy and Benefits
Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital has a fair remuneration system based on performance and qualifications. All of our employees and their relatives benefit from our group's hospitals and educational institutions (primary school, secondary school, high school and undergraduate) at a discount.