Bipolar Disorder Treatment is possible with the appropriate treatment options

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Psychiatrist Güler Özkula made a statement about 30 April World Bipolar Day:

‘Did you know that the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh has a manic depressive disorder? Since 30th of March 2014, Van Gogh’s date of birth is celebrated every year as “30 March World Bipolar Day“. To create awareness and to eliminate social stigma towards bipolar affective disorder, also known as manic depressive disease has been the main objective in the determination of this day.

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong disease characterized by depression and mania. Bipolar can occur among all ethnicities and genders; one in 100 people are bipolar. Although research on the cause of the disease is still ongoing, there is evidence that bipolar disorder is the result of genetic transmission.

The disease manifests itself in the age of 20, usually with an episode of depression. On this occasion, it is necessary to be careful about bipolar disorder in the follow-up of young people who have bipolar disease in their family and who are followed up with a diagnosis of depression. Depression is characterized by a period of deep sadness, slowed speech, slowed movement, a feeling of worthlessness and weakness. During a manic state, patients are exuberant and overly confident, often bursting with energy. In between these two states patients experience a “normal” mood.

Psychiatric Disorders Are Like All Other Health Problems veya Sholud Be Considered like other Health Problems
Patient follow-up is important, since the same patient may be either in a depressed period, manic mood or a normal period from time to time. If the patient is in a depressive stage, a treatment for depression will be applied and if the patient is in a manic period, a treatment for mania will be applied. However, the main goal of the treatment is to prevent the occurrence of depression and mania.

In this context, it is necessary to inform the patient and especially her/his family members about the risk factors of the episodes, and to remind the necessity of regular use of preventive drug therapies. Each attack is followed by another more severe attack and has negative impact on persons social and professional life.

It should be kept in mind that bipolar affective disorder is a controllable disease with appropriate treatment options. People with this disorder can live a normal life like everyone else. We must try to understand and accept people who experience and have to live with a bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders. In order to construct a more healthy community, we must understand that it is not a shame to have such disorders and it is not a label to hide.

On the occasion of 30th of March World Bipolar Day, I would like to express my respects to our patients and their families who have thaught us lot about the disease veyafrom whom we learned a lot about the disease.

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