It must not be forgotten that every second matters during an emergency case

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. İpek Gülin Ağar emphasized that emergency medical diseases, disasters and violent incidents are common nowadays and therefore pre-hospital emergency health services have become obligatory in order to increase the chances of survival of the patient, to prevent possible complications and to facilitate healing.

Ağar stated that the emergency health services includes all health services provided in health institutions and organizations or during the transfer of patients performed by teams specially trained in the field with the help of medical devices and equipment support, in case of an emergency or accident, requiring intervention without loss of time, for the protection of the life and quality of life of the patient or the injured.

Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. İpek Gülin Ağar explained that providing medical care and intervention, and safely transporting the patient to a health facility in order to minimize the damage caused by systemic diseases or injuries and to prevent the deterioration of the situation are among the main objectives of an emergency health service. Ağar stated that in this context, in order to increase social awareness 1-7 December each year is celebrated as “112 Emergency Health Services Week”.

Health professionals continue their duties with devotion despite all difficulties
Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Emergency Medicine Specialist İpek Gülin Ağar stated the following ”24 hours a day, 7 days a week, emergency health services teams are trying to perform their duties with great sacrifice, despite the difficulties they experience such as receiving false calls, incorrect address from callers and not being able to find the location of the patient, and also drivers not giving way to ambulance drivers.” She finally concluded her statement with the following warnings;

I would like to mention for the emergency health services week; it is vital that the priority of the ambulance is taken into consideration and that the emergency call line is not occupied unnecessarily for cases where urgent intervention is required. It should be remembered that the health care workers in the emergency health care teams, are one of the most important links of the life-saving chain, who keep human life before everything, who continue their duties with devotion despite all the difficulties they face. As a citizen it is important to act with awareness which will contribute to the continuous maintenance of emergency health services. ”

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