Smile Design And Laser Teeth Whitening

What are “Smile Design” and “Laser Teeth Whitening”? Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Dental Hospital Operative and Restorative Dentistry Specialist Asst. Prof. Zeynep Yenen provides us important information regarding both techniques:

“Gingival display and discoloured tooth structure can negatively influence the overall aesthetic impact of an individual’s smile and talk. Talking and smiling are the most effective way of communication. As an essential part of self-confidence, individuals attach importance to the colour of their teeth and the gingival aesthetics. There are different treatment options.

Overgrowth of gum tissue, sagging gums, uneven (asymmetrical) gums are among the common gingival non-aesthetic disorders. These may be caused by pregnancy-induced hormone changes, medications, improper oral hygiene, improper tooth brushing, irregular teeth position, crooked teeth or other reasons. After active treatment, it is possible to perform gingival aesthetic surgery. Gum tissue can be quickly reshaped without bleeding with laser which is used also for smile aesthetics (pink aesthetics). After the procedure patients can continue to eat and drink normally.

Tooth discoloration may affect the whole tooth or may be localised. It can be caused by eating habits, diseases, medications, inappropriate oral hygiene, smoking habit or other factors.  A high percentage of tooth discoloration can be treated. Laser treatment has advantages to both physicians and patients. It is more effective and safer. After treatment in order to achieve long-lasting results, coloured foods and drinks should be avoided in the first two days and limited consumption is suggested for 10 days. Drinking too much coffee or tea affects the treatment success. In some cases dentists may not find the treatment necessary therefore it is important to be examined before the application of laser whitening. “

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