Smoking Cessation Polyclinic

STOP-SMOKING THERAPY is given by an appointment in our hospital’s CHEST DISEASES polyclinic. The most important stage to quit smoking is to want to stop. The support and treatment is provided in the light of tangible medical data by our experienced staff to those who want to get rid of this addiction.

The patients who come to our polyclinic go through a detailed review and are asked to fill out a “survey form”, complete depression and anxiety tests, perform a test to determine their nicotine addiction levels and are examined to see if they have additional diseases. After that, Respiratory Function Test, Carbon Monoxide Levels, Lung Graphy and Blood Tests are performed to determine the overall health and the possible effects that the addiction might have on the body of the patient. Depending on the examination and the test results as well as the level of addiction, an APPROPRIATE TREATMENT FOR EACH PATIENT TO HELP THEM QUIT SMOKING is provided. Alongside of the cessation therapy, psychological guidance and nutritionist support services are offered to the patients to help with weight control. The initial check-ups of the patients are finalised within 1 to 2 weeks and then continue every 2-3 weeks. The patients who quit smoking are monitored for 3 months, and if they experience any problems they can always visit our polyclinic.