Pain and Burning Sensation During Urination

Burning sensation and pain in urinary tract or during urination has different causes. Gonorrhoea, ulcer, bladder infection, prostate infection, bladder tumour, ovary infection, appendicitis can be one of those causes. Therefore, before starting the treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the disease. The treatment must be chosen in accordance with the cause of the disease.

The burning sensation while urinating is the most common symptom of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection is generally caused by E. Coli bacteria and it is the infection related to the extension of these bacteria from the urinary tract to the bladder.

If the infection is only seen in the bladder it is called “cystitis” and if it is extended through the upper urinary tract it is called “pyelonephritis”. Along with the burning sensation, patients with urinary tract infection may also have frequent urge to urinate, a sensation that the urination is incomplete, pain in the lower abdomen area, blurred and smelly urine complaints.

If the patient also has infection in kidney along with the urinary tracts, symptoms like fever, shaking, pain in the abdomen or back can also be evident. Kidney infection is a serious condition.

Conditions that you should immediately visit a doctor:

– Burning sensation that lasts longer than 24 hours

– Burning sensation along with a flix from vagina or penis

– Frequent urination, fever, shaking or back pain in addition to the burning sensation


Various factors can be a cause of pain while urinating. These can be the following:
• Bladder Stones
• Chlamydia (It is the condition that the patient has flix coming from the penis or has pain while urinating because of the infection in the urinary tracts. It is sexually transmitted.)
• Cystitis (bladder infection)
• some cancer drugs that irritate the bladder
• Genital herpes or infections
• Gonorrhoea. It is known as “bel soğukluğu” in Turkish. It is a common sexually transmitted disease. It is a disease that can easily reproduce in hot and humid places like cervix, Fallopian tubes and urinary tracts. Also, it can be seen in the eyes, throat and anus areas.
• Materials included in personal care products like soap or perfume,
• Kidney infections
• Kidney stones
• Prostatitis (prostate infection)
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Vaginitis (vaginal infection)
• Ürethritis (ürethra infection)
• Urinary tract infection (URI)
• Fungal infection (vaginal)