Chest Diseases

Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital Department of Chest Diseases, provides service for respiratory system related health problems by its expert physician staff and modern technological equipment.

The respiratory tract starts at the nose and mouth then continues through the larynx (throat), trachea (wind pipe) and then ends at the two bronchi systems right and left lungs. There are 23 more branches of these two main bronchi's that branch off into small air pipes called bronchioles and end in small air bubbles called alveoli which help the gas change within the respiration.

The Chest Diseases Department is the department involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases within the lungs or the pleura membrane. These diseases either ruin the lung functions by effecting the windpipe and cause symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, coughing, phlegm or effect the lung areas excluding the windpipe and cause symptoms such as; side pain, chest, back and shoulder pain, blood from the mouth, weight loss, tiredness, loss of appetite, sweating during the night and fever.


Diseases that are diagnosed and treated with the most modern methods at the Chest Diseases Department at our hospital:

  • Asthma and hay fever
  • Chronic Cough
  • Infectious lung diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis
  • COPD (chronic obstructive respiratory disease ): Chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  • Lung and lung membrane cancer
  • Pulmonary Embolism (blocked lung vessel)
  • Pleurisy (water retention between the lung membranes)
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Interstitial Lung Diseases (sarcoidosis, IPF etc.)

Test Conducted at the Chest Diseases Department of our Hospital:

  • Allergic Skin Test / Prick Test used in the diagnosis of asthma and hay fever
  • Total IgE and Specific IgE tests used in the diagnosis of allergic diseases
  • Phlegm examination (in diagnosing infections and cancer)
  • Respiratory Tract Tests used in diagnosing asthma and COPD
  • Bronchoscopic tests used for the diagnosis of lung cancer
  • Breathed air CO measurements taken for the treatment of ‘Quitting Smoking’’
  • Radiologic tests (Lung graphics, Computed Lung Tomography and other radiologic tests)


Quitting Smoking Support Program:

Smoking is the number one preventable in public health threat. It causes respiratory diseases which directly affects the lungs (Occlusive lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema) and it causes lung cancer which is the number one cause of death caused by lung diseases. Children’s exposure to cigarette smokes can cause lower respiratory diseases (pneumonitis, bronchitis) as well as aid the development of asthma. Preventing the disease from forming, preventative medicine is preferred to treating the disease.  With this aim, our hospital raises awareness of the harms of smoking and the diseases that it causes, support for quitting smoking is provided at our ‘Stop Smoking Polyclinic’ with the help of the Chest Diseases, Psychiatry and Dietician Departments.

Respiratory treatment with ‘Non-invasive Mechanic Ventilation Equipment’ can be used on patients in intensive care or in the inpatient ward, radiologic imaging is being used efficiently by following the latest technological facilities closely.

Department Doctors