General Surgery

Department of General Surgery is focused on bringing the compatible personnel to the island and transferring the theoretical and practical applications of both doctors and specialist candidates.  Even though it is within a brand new medical faculty, it was crowned with many national and international publishing. The results of efficient teamwork and harmony of the departments are reflected in the patient care as well as in the academic works.  Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital is focused on the patients in the practical work and focused on the students in the academic environment.

Wide Treatment Scope:
Surgery has been advancing with improvements ever since the first ages and it has become a branch of medicine where complex operations can be executed. General Surgery is not only limited to operations but also covers various areas of parenteral/enteral nutrition and treatment of surgery infections.

Diseases Treated in General Surgery Department:

  • Thyroid gland diseases (Goitre, hyperthyroidism)
  • Breast cancer and benign breast diseases.
  • Stomach cancer, various problems related with duodenal ulcer operations.
  • Surgical diseases of the small intestine, intestinal obstruction.
  • Diseases related with colon-rectum tumours and inflammation.
  • Anorectal diseases (tumours, haemorrhoid, anal fissure, fistule).
  • Malignant and benign tumours and cysts of the liver.
  • Obstructive jaundice.
  • Gall bladder and bile tract stones and tumours.
  • Pancreas cyst and tumours.
  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis.
  • Surgical diseases of the spleen.
  • Abdominal wall and inguinal hernia, hernia formed after surgery.
  • Surgical field infections,
  • Surgical treatment of abdominal wall hernia.

Traumas and Urgent Surgery:

In Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital, any disease which is included in the field of surgery is carefully treated with the appropriate methods with a specialist academic staff.

In addition to all emergency and effective operations related to the gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary system, it is possible to perform all kinds of operations in contemporary breast health units such as breast cancer, breast-conserving surgery, sentinel lymph ganglion applications, oncoplastic surgery applications, non-palpable lesion marking methods, with high success rate and multidisciplinary approach.

In addition to this, endocrine surgical interventions aimed at thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, hernia, perianal diseases (hemorrhoid, anal fissures, fistula, and pilonidal sinus), and every kind of advanced laparoscopic intervention is also performed.

In Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital, the diseases are also treated in the sub-branches of General Surgery.

The department of General Surgery also houses the Centre for Breast Health where every kind of breast disease is monitored and treated, and cancer screening programs are provided for healthy women.

General Surgery Sub Branches:

  • Gastrointestinal surgery.
  • Colon surgery.
  • Liver - Pancreas - Gall bladder and gall bladder track endocrine gland surgery.
  • Surgical infections.
  • Trauma - Surgery intensive care unit.

Diagnosing the Diseases and Treatment Methods:
While diagnosing the diseases, the methods used are; interviewing the patient, physical examination, general laboratory analysis, radiology analysis ( x-ray, ultrasonography, CT, MR, angiography, cholangiography, endoscopic cholangiopancreatography) and percutaneous biopsy.

In Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital, in addition to conventional methods, Laparoscopic - Endoscopic surgical methods, Surgical Endoscopic practices, and other medical treatments are also used. Since General Surgery covers a wide area, it is in cooperation with many other disciplines.

Hospital Education for Faculty of Medicine Students.
In Dr. Suat Günsel University of Kyrenia Hospital, during their 3rd period in Faculty of Medicine, students perform additional practical applications, during their 4th period they perform corporate and practical applications related to their General Surgery internship and the institutive surgery education of Faculty of Dentistry students during their 5th period are all performed while valuing their efforts.  In addition to this, the coordination of the Operating Room Services Associate Degree Program is also carried out by our department.

In addition to practical surgery and education, scientific studies and publications are some of the applications we give importance to. Based on the principle of “publish or perish “, our institution supported medical literature since the day of its foundation. Our scientific approach has strengthened with more than 10 local and international publishing in 3 years. Major progress is expected in scientific activities after the adaptation of experimental surgery and research unit.

Department Doctors