Intensive Care Units

Intensive care units are units which give life support via advanced technology devices to patients with deteriorated or deteriorating life functions. Fully trained in this field, the doctors, nurses and assistant healthcare personnel give a 24 hour service while working with other branches in a multi-disciplinary manner.

The intensive care units in our hospital which have 17 beds in 4 intensive care units of paediatrics, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology and general intensive care with high technology monitors near each bed, artificial respiratory device, life support devices and experienced staff, is providing services at world level standards.

In the general ICU where all patients in critical conditions which threatens their life functions are accepted from all age groups;

  • Complete body trauma (head trauma, chest trauma, severe fractures)
  • Brain Haemorrhages, stroke
  • Severe respiratory failure (asthma attack, COPD inflammation, respiratory tract infection)
  • Acute and chronic renal failure
  • Nervous System Diseases (Myasthenia gravis, Guillian Barre)
  • Severe infections, sepsis
  • Multiple organ failure
  • Non-stop services for burns, poisoning and choking cases.

Dialysis, hemofiltration (continuous renal support device), plasmapheresis and artificial respiration support can be given in necessary situations. It is possible to get a 24 hour service from the laboratory, scanning (computerised tomography, x-ray, MR), blood bank and doctors from all branches.